Swing Arm Robots
Swing - Arm Robots are extensively applied to horizontal / vertical plastic injection moulding machine ranging from 50T ~ 180t which can rapid take out the runners,
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LHL System
The LHL system provides precision delivery of the exact amount of lubricant required at a precise timing in order to promote the optimum performance of production machinery being operated under harsh conditions. In addition, the revolutionary lubricant developed for the LHL system helps to provide a cleaner and healthier factory environment. The LHL system is an exciting new solution that boosts the value of your production.
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Kabeer Enterprises We are Certified
We are Knowledge re-sourcing and consulting company in the area of plastics technology, machine design and automation controls development. We provide a one–stop total solution to the industry Total commitment, confidence; transparency and trust are at our hearts for what we work.

Thorough field experience, in-depth job knowledge, scientific approach, these are the pillars you can count on us. We deal with the development of innovative Gripper Components. Our target is to find a solution after our motto "All genius is simple".

The entire value chain is in our house. That gives you Flexibility and security for your Projects with us.
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Systems integration (IMM)
Parts Handling
External System Interface
Plastics Application Development
Components Development
Fast Cycling IMM
Electric Screw Drive (e-drive)
Vendor Development
Electronics Controls Design
PLC Hardware Selection
Logic Development and Software Programming
Control Panel Design
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3 & 5 axis robot
Three & Five Axis AC Servo Driven Robots are extensively applied to horizontal plastic injection
It is the hand (with all necessary tools) of the robot used to unload the injection moulding machine.
Lubrication System
The LHL system protects important machinery and factory equipment and provides a safer and more
Vacuum Technology System
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